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Basque Government
The Basque Bioregion

Welcome to the official website of the Basque Bioregion, a new hub for biosciences in the south of Europe. From a strong heritage of industrial success, the Basque Country has turned itself into a small but vibrant bioregion, with a growing cluster of life science companies rooted in a renovated research and innovation system. Read more >>

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  • The Bioindustry

  • Business in biosciences is doing well and BioBasque is becoming a new life sciences hub...

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  • The growing business sector is supported by an educated workforce...

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20/01/2017 IKERLAN collaborates in the optimisation of the assembly of robots for the healthcare sector... >>

17/01/2017 Cancer-fighting materials using nanostructured materials helped by light are created... >>

09/01/2017 Dental implants with antibacterial activity and designed to facilitate integration into the bone... >>

04/01/2017 CIC biomaGUNE sets up Asparia Glycomics to market its glycan analysis technology for clinical diagnosis... >>

19/12/2016 The spotting of pneumonia patients likely to have a poor outcome is improved... >>

21/11/2016 Fourth Basque-Chilean Biomedical Research Meeting... >>

14/11/2016 Cannabinoids induce memory loss through the decrease in energy of the neurons... >>

10/11/2016 Gastrointestinal Genetics, new Research Group at HRI Biodonostia... >>

25/10/2016 The scientific elite in the field of nanotechnology come together in Donostia-San Sebastián at the International Conference on Self-Assembly in Confined Spaces (SACS 2016)... >>

24/10/2016 The molecular mechanism that blocks membrane receptors involved in immunological response are identified... >>

18/10/2016 Juan P. Romero receives Excellent Shotgun Communication Award for his biostatistical study... >>

30/09/2016 Arantxa Tapia: “The Basque Country has managed to develop links between advanced manufacturing and biohealth which are generating new businesses”... >>

29/09/2016 Advanced manufacturing applied to the biomedical sector, an opportunity niche in the Basque Country... >>

27/09/2016 Outstanding participation of Basque companies at Biospain, with 32 exhibitors on the Biobasque stand and presence in all business discussion forums... >>

08/09/2016 Materials have been designed which enable bacterial communication processes to be observed at very early stages... >>

26/07/2016 A natural polymer obtained from crustaceans is suitable for gene therapy... >>

21/07/2016 Alternative treatment for rare diseases... >>

13/07/2016 The Health Department of the Basque Government earmarks in 2016 more than 1.4 million euros to finance research and development projects related to the priority Bioscience-Health... >>

06/07/2016 Production and extraction of active compounds for health from Blackthorn... >>

29/06/2016 MALDI-Imaging Mass Spectrometry: a step forward in the anatomopathological characterization of stenotic aortic valve tissue.... >>

27/06/2016 Bioinformatics software is developed to predict the effect of cancer-associated mutations... >>

22/06/2016 Shoals of fish used as biological sensors... >>

15/06/2016 The brain needs cleaning to stay healthy... >>

13/06/2016 Biodonostia, new member of the European platform EATRIS... >>

09/06/2016 Reoxcare, new Histocell product, obtains the CE mark for its placement on the market... >>

30/05/2016 ANKRD55: A new gene involved in Multiple Sclerosis is discovered... >>

12/05/2016 The intermediates in a chemical reaction photographed ‘red-handed’... >>

27/04/2016 Biosciences in Basque Country are an emerging sector in Intensive and Internazionalized R&D+i... >>

20/04/2016 Presentation of the Research and Innovation Strategy... >>

13/04/2016 Bionaturis Group attends In-Cosmetics in Paris... >>

11/04/2016 A key gene in the development of coeliac disease has been found in ‘junk' DNA... >>

06/04/2016 A robot for maxillofacial surgery... >>

05/04/2016 A&B Laboratorios awarded at the European Business Awards for the Environment 2016 of Euskadi... >>

17/03/2016 Biomagune designs an efficient system for harvesting cells for biomedical use... >>

01/03/2016 The President of the Basque Government takes part in the presentation of the new Strategy for Research and Innovation in Health 2020... >>

29/02/2016 Neurorehabilitation for people with acquired brain injury... >>

26/02/2016 Donostia hosts a forum for biotechnology companies in the Basque Country and Aquitaine to promote ways of collaboration... >>

22/02/2016 Juan M. Falcon Lab joins REDiEX network... >>

19/02/2016 Vicomtech-IK4 coordinates an international project to provide support in the treatment of breast cancer... >>

17/02/2016 Three CIC biomaGUNE scientists included in the Thomson Reuters international list of Highly Cited Researchers... >>

16/02/2016 Advances in the fight against cancer... >>

11/02/2016 The Lehendakari shows its support for Basque companies that invest in health research at the service of health and R+D+I... >>

10/02/2016 CIC biomaGUNE joined the Ikerbasque researcher Aitziber López Cortajarena... >>

29/01/2016 Biobide signs a contract with the U.S. Nathional Institute of Enviromental Health Sciences (NIH-NIEHS)... >>

27/01/2016 The OSI Ezkerraldea Enkarterri Cruces and BioCruces lead an EU-funded project aimed at stroke patients... >>

26/01/2016 Oncomatryx increases capital by 4.5 million for new trials... >>

21/01/2016 2nd Meeting Bio-Health Industries Aquitaine/Euskadi... >>

05/10/2015 #BERRIPILLS Microtechnology and Biomedicine: common borders... >>

11/09/2015 A study shows the peripheral nervous system regeneration capacity after a lesion... >>

16/07/2015 A study describes for the first time the genetic mutation responsible for the development of gastric cancer in patients with gastric carcinoid... >>

13/07/2015 The IIS Biodonostia and Donostia University Hospital participates in CAREMI clinical trial... >>

10/07/2015 OWL signs agreement with Galmed Pharmaceuticals to develop a liver drug... >>

08/07/2015 Doctoral thesis about magnetic hyperthermia, a tool in cancer treatment... >>

01/07/2015 New technology that opens the door to personalised therapies designed to treat cancer... >>

30/06/2015 Bial works on the development of biotechnological vaccines for allergies in their laboratories of Bizkaia... >>

03/06/2015 Histocell increases capital to put on the international market Reoxcare... >>

01/06/2015 A Basque company working on the design of a platform for drug screening... >>

21/05/2015 CEIT-IK4, TECNUN, Biodonostia and Donostia University Hospital jointly develop projects in the Bio field... >>

19/05/2015 Epilepsy has been found to reduce the generation of new neurons... >>

15/05/2015 Mobile system development for cardiac rehabilitation... >>

12/05/2015 The scientific director of CIC biomaGUNE, Luis Liz-Marzán, elected member of the Royal Academy of Sciences... >>

04/05/2015 Molecular profiling of paediatric brain tumours selected as winning project; secures Peque-Ropa donation for BioCruces investigation... >>

28/04/2015 Research centers and companies 'bio' of Euskadi seek closer partnerships... >>

20/04/2015 IIS Biodonostia create the two new research groups... >>

14/04/2015 The Ramón Areces Foundation supports research about the therapeutic application of exosomes... >>

17/03/2015 BBK awards grants to two Biocruces projects... >>

04/03/2015 Biodonostia creates a research group against head and neck cancer... >>

02/03/2015 TV3 telethon funds Alzheimer's disease study by CIC bioGUNE and CIC biomaGUNE... >>

24/02/2015 CIC biomaGUNE leads training of new scientists two 'Marie Curie' projects... >>

20/02/2015 NEIKER investigates the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from livestock farms... >>

09/02/2015 Biocruces, credited as Health Research Institute by the Carlos III Institute... >>

06/02/2015 Commitment to cancer research... >>

04/02/2015 Leartiker presents the results of the European project Biosource-Comp... >>

02/02/2015 'Spark, a new public-private project created to develop a drug to fight the cognitive deficits of schizophrenia... >>

30/01/2015 Oral anticoagulants increase up to 4 times the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding... >>

28/01/2015 Ikerbasque researcher Jesús Jiménez Barbero is appointed new scientific director at CIC bioGUNE... >>

22/01/2015 Exosomes involved in tissue and organ formation... >>

20/01/2015 Biodonostia participates in a project studying the role of inflammation in Parkinson's... >>

16/01/2015 #BERRIPILLS: The Medicon Valley experience... >>

09/01/2015 WHEC earlier this year launched a new functional beverage and an invigorating... >>

07/01/2015 IIS Biodonostia has been declared Public Utility entity... >>

18/12/2014 Award for the Liver Diseases Research Group of IIS Biodonostia... >>

15/12/2014 Histocell seals deal with Luqa Pharmaceuticals to market Reoxcare in China... >>

11/12/2014 Digital Ingeniería y Gestión, AJL Ophthalmic and BTI receive the first prize for Innovation in Álava... >>

01/12/2014 Biotechnology R&D expenditure increased by 7.5% in the Basque Country in 2013... >>

26/11/2014 A TECNALIA researcher has been named best young researcher in Germany... >>

25/11/2014 Molecular gymnastics in an essential protein for tuberculosis... >>

21/11/2014 Revealed how rare homocystinuria disease is triggered... >>

17/11/2014 Inbiomed has organized the first Flow Cytometry Training Course... >>

31/10/2014 Active, biodegradable packaging for oily products... >>

30/10/2014 Fero Foundation aids CIC bioGUNEresearch into new breast cancer targets... >>

29/10/2014 Pterostilbene, a molecule similar to resveratrol, as a potential treatment for obesity... >>

16/10/2014 TECNALIA has been awarded the EARTO Innovation Prize 2014... >>


13/10/2014 Neiker-Tecnalia explores the potential of autochthonous bacteria for use as biofertilizers... >>

08/10/2014 International experts in cell signalling and cancer metabolism gather at CIC bioGUNE... >>

07/10/2014 Neiker-Tecnalia and Inkoa are leading a project to promote innovation throughout the value chain of the potato in East Africa... >>

02/10/2014 The first non-invasive test to diagnose fatty liver disease is awarded two patents in the US... >>

30/09/2014 Cikautxo Medical launches the manufacturing of new silicone products for airway management... >>

29/09/2014 Tecnalia leading a BIO project on paints and varnishes... >>

26/09/2014 Discovery of a new therapeutic target to fight against legionella... >>

24/09/2014 The Basque Government, companies and technology centres represent the Basque bioscience sector at Biospain... >>

18/09/2014 Plasma rich in growth factors enhance osseointegration of prostheses and implants... >>

17/09/2014 A scottish Company will sell a basque product to research on cáncer and Parkinson´s disease... >>

10/09/2014 Research shows that magnetic resonance helps to detect and quantify fat in liver... >>

09/09/2014 After generics it’s the turn of biosimilars, a budding market... >>

27/08/2014 CIC biomaGUNE cooperates in the European fight against antibiotic resistance... >>

26/08/2014 17 technology companies presented their products, services and solutions for the health and socio sectors in Bilbao... >>

25/08/2014 Developed in the Basque Country an innovative prosthesis system for aortic aneurysms... >>

18/08/2014 Neiker-Tecnalia is researching the potato genes that best adapt to climate change... >>

16/07/2014 Discovery of a protein that allows brain stem cells to generate new... >>

14/07/2014 Gaiker-IK4, A&B Laboratories and Guserbiot develop new microbial-based detergents... >>

03/07/2014 Cross-border collaboration in vascularised tissue engineering for organ regeneration... >>

30/06/2014 Basque companies leave take part on the 2014 BIO International Convention... >>

27/06/2014 Possible path found for combating liver and colon cancer... >>

23/06/2014 The Basque Bioregion participates in the world's largest biotechnology event in the U.S.A.... >>

20/06/2014 Arabidopsis thaliana, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas fluorescens genes could be used as early biomarkers of stress due to heavy metals... >>

13/06/2014 Biosciences beyond borders... >>

11/06/2014 A&B Laboratories awarded European Biotechnology Environment Prize for its commitment to sustainability... >>

22/05/2014 Royal Spanish Chemistry Society Medal awards scientific career of Director of CIC biomaGUNE... >>

21/05/2014 Study decodes the molecular mechanism that may help fight breast cancer... >>

19/05/2014 The second workshop of the Trans-Pyrenean Biomedical Research Network will take place in Logroño on 26 and 27 May... >>

15/05/2014 Demonstrate the efficacy of G3K3 inhibitors in the treatment of pancreatic cancer and occult blood test in detection of colon cancer... >>

13/05/2014 Ink with nanoparticles for rapid diagnosis... >>

08/05/2014 iLine seeks the development of new control products anticoagulants... >>

05/05/2014 Cikautxo Medical about to launch the manufacturing of a micro-molded LSR valve range... >>

25/04/2014 A trans-Pyrenean consortium will investigate how to improve anti-obesity supplements... >>

22/04/2014 A project will investigate the role of Sox2tracing protein in carcinogenic stem cell regulation... >>

16/04/2014 Euskadi approves Strategy for Intelligent Specialisation and Strategic PCTI 2020 lines... >>

14/04/2014 Fagor Healthcare evaluates positively their participation in Pharmagora and Infarma fairs... >>

10/04/2014 A & B and Guserbiot obtained an enzyme to degrade keratin -rich waste... >>

07/04/2014 Lab-on-a-chip to detect pancreatic cancer in 5 hours... >>

04/04/2014 The Energreen project identifies strategies for cultivating microalgae more efficiently to produce biodiesel... >>

02/04/2014 Abnormal levels of a molecule associated with diabetic neuropathy... >>

21/03/2014 Alcon Excellence Award for glaucoma research for University of the Basque Country team... >>

24/02/2014 CIC biomaGUNE designs Janus nanoparticles formed by silicon oxide and gold... >>

21/02/2014 A method for the diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma, the most aggressive skin cancer, is patented... >>

20/02/2014 Inbiobank participates in the European project EBiSC(European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells)... >>

18/02/2014 Oncomatryx signs agreement to distribute their products in the Balkans... >>

14/02/2014 New biomaterials to address injuries to the peripheral nervous system... >>

13/02/2014 The brain mechanism connecting the sense of smell with appetite is discovered... >>

11/02/2014 Various research studies demonstrate effectiveness of test for occult blood in faeces for detecting cancer of the colon... >>

10/02/2014 The bioscience sector enters the era of industrialization... >>

07/02/2014 Praxis has invested 25 million and will grow 30% in 2013 supported in their own product Epiprot... >>

04/02/2014 New treatment against pneumonia caused by resistant bacteria... >>

03/02/2014 Kiro Robotics and Onkologikoa Alliance achieve the most advanced technology worldwide in hospital pharmacy practice... >>

30/01/2014 ‘PIE Zabalduz’ conferences about marine research... >>

28/01/2014 Biomedical research centers on both sides of the Pyrenees strengthen their collaboration in Euskadi... >>

27/01/2014 IIS Biodonostia researchers make advances in understanding cancer... >>

15/01/2014 The Mount Sinai Hospital endorses a line of research on tumors Oncomatrix... >>

13/01/2014 European network to carry out research on protein life cycle... >>

09/01/2014 Reggenia will install a laboratory in Madrid in 2014 and optimize logistics... >>

03/01/2014 Potential discovered of hyaluronic acid for combating respiratory conditions of new-born infants... >>

02/01/2014 A molecule capable of slowing polycystic liver diseases has been found... >>

02/01/2014 Biocruces researchers develop new protocol for treatment of lupus nephritis... >>

20/12/2013 Inbiomed Researchers lead a new scientific work on Parkinson's Disease... >>

19/12/2013 Rapid diagnostics, a new opportunity for European companies... >>

18/12/2013 3D structure of key protein in fight against Homocystinuria unveiled... >>

16/12/2013 Laying siege to chemoresistance... >>

13/12/2013 Employment in R&D in Biotechnology increases in the Basque Country but expenditure falls 0.3% in 2012... >>

10/12/2013 Neuroimaging methods used to show disturbances of brain function in DOC patients... >>

04/12/2013 CIC biomaGUNE coordinates the new Marie Curie Project VIROMA... >>

29/11/2013 BioCruces Research Institute reference centre for treating autoimmune diseases... >>

27/11/2013 Biofungitek award at the 2013 World Technology Awards... >>

14/11/2013 A protein that 'rebels' against breast cancer treatment... >>

11/11/2013 Idoki intensify its external action through distribution agreements in the Middle East... >>

05/11/2013 CIC bioGUNE opens the way to combatting dermatological disorders associated with Gunther's disease... >>

30/10/2013 Refbio publishes the list of approved biomedical research projects... >>

28/10/2013 CIC biomaGUNE, reserve for European radiochemistry... >>

24/10/2013 New neuroimaging techniques to diagnose brain disorders... >>

21/10/2013 CIC bioGUNE discovers a new form of virus reproduction... >>

18/10/2013 Biocluster Basque organizes its first workshop of business synergies... >>

17/10/2013 Refbio allocate more than 500,000 euros to fund 18 projects transnational biomedical research... >>

16/10/2013 BIOFUNGITEK, finalist for the World Technology Awards Awards... >>

15/10/2013 Experts from Karolinska and from the National Cancer Institute in the United States train Basque and international researchers... >>

14/10/2013 Biolan food developed a biosensor for controlling histamine levels... >>

11/10/2013 Histocell launches the first Spanish veterinary regenerative medicine company... >>

08/10/2013 Fresh advance in the diagnosis and control of childhood asthma... >>

04/10/2013 Faes Farma has participated in a successful project on cancer biomarkers... >>

02/10/2013 Microparticles as vaccine against cholera... >>

30/09/2013 Integration of the UPV/EHU in BioCruces: combined synergy in biomedical research... >>

24/09/2013 Talking in silence: investigating the neuronal networks in sign language... >>

17/09/2013 The forces brought to bear on proteins: towards a new biology... >>

16/09/2013 Europe concedes 1.5 M€ project for investigating prostate cancer to Arkaitz Carracedo... >>

12/09/2013 New European award for scientific career of Director of Biomagune... >>

11/09/2013 Development of a new programme that simulates protein movements... >>

06/09/2013 European project seeking antidote to diseases spread by the tick... >>

29/07/2013 New front against liver cancer opened... >>

24/07/2013 NorayBio locks in Brazil and open market in Poland... >>

22/07/2013 Felix Goñi received the Avanti prize for the best European research on lipids... >>

18/07/2013 The Clínica de la Asunción, VICOMTECH-IK4 and Bilbomática develop novel system for monitoring patients at home... >>

08/07/2013 Biodonostia Institute Innovation Award... >>

05/07/2013 Neurogenomiks participates in a pan-European genetic study on multiple sclerosis... >>

03/07/2013 Studies on cell migration in the fight against cancer... >>

01/07/2013 The Basque Biocluster companies billed last year 8% more... >>

26/06/2013 Oncomatrix devises test to detect if breast cancer will develop metastasis... >>

24/06/2013 CIC microGUNE presents device for detecting bowel cancer with drop of blood... >>

18/06/2013 Nanoparticles to release pharmaceutical drugs in controlled manner... >>

10/06/2013 Gaiker-IK4 and Faes Farma collaborate in pre-clinical development of an antitumor... >>

03/06/2013 Ingeclima participate in the largest pharmaceutical fair in North Africa... >>

29/05/2013 Ikerbasque and CIC bioGUNE make Euskadi an international reference in biosciences... >>

22/05/2013 Mechanism discovered which aids Legionella to camouflage itself in the organism... >>

13/05/2013 Neiker-Tecnalia and FARMARABA produce Omega 3 using marine plant micro-organisms... >>

06/05/2013 Link discovered between infertility and protein-regulating cell division... >>

29/04/2013 Involvement of a gene in fatty liver disease discovered... >>

15/04/2013 University of the Basque Country researchers and Achucarro neurosciences centre discover new therapy for fragile X chromosome syndrome... >>

12/04/2013 Basque Biobank leads European information technologies project... >>

08/04/2013 UPV/EHU researchers propose a new mechanism for cell membrane fission... >>

02/04/2013 Bioglass helping to mend bones... >>

21/03/2013 CSIC, IK4-IKERLAN and Zaragoza University develop microscopic probe... >>

13/03/2013 New method for detecting tumours using nanoparticles... >>

08/03/2013 Oncomatrix develops a new product to diagnose and predict invasive tumors... >>

05/03/2013 Felix Goñi, Avanti award for best european research in lipids... >>

04/03/2013 Grifols acquires 60% of the capital of biotechnology firm Progenika Biopharma... >>

01/03/2013 Faes Farma profit increases 37% in 2012... >>

28/02/2013 Nano-sensors for listening to the “conversation” of bacteria... >>

18/02/2013 Novel designed molecules could stop cancer colon metastasis... >>

11/02/2013 IK4-Cidetec and AJL Ophthalmic develop new bioimplants for ophthalmology... >>

07/02/2013 Faes Farma and Idoki sign a joint commercialisation agreement for treatment of atopic skins... >>

06/02/2013 ImmunoReagents enters distributorship agreement with Abyntek Biopharma... >>

04/02/2013 ARTHROSCOPY awards prize for the best scientific work of the year to a paper evaluating use of PRGF®-Endoret® to treat arthrosis of the knee... >>

01/02/2013 Study of the so-called Basque mutation of Parkinson... >>

31/01/2013 Vacunek and Kestrel Bioscience sign alliance agreement... >>

25/01/2013 Biopharmaceutical companies in Madrid and Leon choose Ingeclima... >>

24/01/2013 AJL Ophthalmic acquires american company Addition Technology... >>

22/01/2013 OWL Metabolomics extends its services to the food, nutrition and cosmetics... >>

21/01/2013 A DNA chip is developed to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder... >>

14/01/2013 Citizen computation in a study simulating controlled release of anti-cancer drugs... >>

09/01/2013 Hospital Universitario de Álava in a study linking solar exposure variation and onset of bipolar disorder... >>

08/01/2013 CIC bioGUNE opens a new path for the future generation of glucose-mesuring biosensors... >>

07/01/2013 Biocruces Health Research Institute participates in the largest global study on gout... >>

11/12/2012 Oncomatrix and the University of Stuttgart join forces to develop new drugs to block metastasis... >>

4/12/2012 Carlos Matute appointed to the Academia Europaea... >>

3/12/2012 A joint study involving CIC bioGUNE and CNIO identifies metabolic biomarkers of potential use in preventive molecular medicine... >>

29/11/2012 Biocruces researchers find a possible therapeutic target for lipodystrophy... >>

28/11/2012 BTI and Bioaraba sign a collaboration agreement for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools... >>

26/11/2012 DTS-Oabe increases its international presence by joining the Biotechnology Division of Goizper Group... >>

21/11/2012 Innoprot presents new essays to evaluate drugs against neurodegenerative diseases... >>

19/11/2012 CIC bioGUNE researchers discover the adverse effects of a protein in liver cancer... >>

16/11/2012 Kronikgune to lead a research network on frailty and ageing... >>

13/11/2012 Faes Farma increases its profit by 33%... >>

10/11/2012 IK4-Ikerlan leads a European project to develop a quicker, cheaper and less invasive prenatal diagnosis system... >>

7/11/2012 Burdinola to supply the laboratories of the National Cancer Institute in Mexico City... >>

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